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In the past 25 years I've tried to make photographs that reflect my gratitude to life itself, photography gave me the knowledge that I should take nothing for granted; I've learned that walking smelling seeing touching etc….. Are all gift of life, and all the rest is extra. I've lived in the USA at the time (1984-1995) and my first encounter with the world of photography occurred when I borrowed a camera from a friend as a result of a trip I made to the Cascades Mountains in Washington State USA.
I'm an independent self thought Photographer and intuitively mastered the art of photography, I've study photography in the beginning from the books of one of the greatest photographers ever Mr. Ansel Adams, and later on expend my knowledge through other masters photographers such as Alfred Stieglitz, Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-bresson, Edward Steichen, and many more older and more recent photographers. Throughout the years I've built myself a framework that was based on a triangle with three principles: knowledge, senses and vision, all of which acted as a beacon that guided me forward. There is a saying that I say that: the difference between a photographer and other people is that a photographer makes a photo and the others take a photo.
With the years I've become professional commercial photographer. I've been ask to photograph a variety of issues in the commercial field.
One of my favorite things in my free time was to take my gear and explore the city or the landscapes around.
I just love to make images with my cameras. There is almost no subject that I would not find something to make an image from it, and of course I love to travel.
I've decided to implement in this site images from throughout my career including images that was scanned from film, and images that I was experimenting such as developing of cross processing slide films.
I had two solo gallery shows:
1. At the synchronicity place in the Soho in Manhattan new-York
2. At the Tirosh gallery in old Jafa Israel.

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HDR Photography


City sites

Sinai in black and white


Black and white


Carmel Fire israel December 2010


monastery and churches